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Ruined In Hell

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Welcome dead man. I’m here to give you your eternal punishment for your sinful life. Your endless lust and perversion have earned you an eternity of suffering. We all have our purpose… I am meant to make you suffer, and you are meant to suffer. Your cock is mine to play with from now until the end of time. How long before you go absolutely mad I wonder? Edged for eternity? Never to know the sweet surrender of orgasmic release? Every edge is the promise of ecstasy, and every denial leaves you more and more desperate. You hang on my every stroke… every flick of my tongue sends convulsions Into your body as precum oozes out of your cock. Go on… beg me. Beg me to cum one last time before your eternity of edging and torture begins. Beg me to let you feel that sweet kiss of orgasm, beg me to let the pressure build up inside you and let that cum shoot out of your cock. Beg me… Woops… did I stop too soon? Oh that must have just ruined that orgasm for you… that must have been so very unsatisfying… so very unfulfilling… and so very frustrating considering it’s the only one you’re going to get for all of eternity. An eternity is a very long time after all. Oh well.. time to begin again… Welcome to Hell. This will never ever stop.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your perverted and sinful life has landed you in hell. The devil herself has come to administer your eternal punishment. She will edge you for all of eternity. She edges you over and over again with her masterful mouth, fingers and tongue… your body shakes and convulses with every stroke of her delicate evil hands. She edges you again and again. You beg her to let you cum just one last time…She strokes you to the brink of ecstasy and just as you are about to explode with pleasure… she stops. And royally destroys your orgasm… your only chance at happiness for all of eternity. Your cry out as your cum dribbles down your dick and mourn for the incredible orgasm that would have been. **Sclera contacts, Satan, Devil, Edging, Hand Job, Blow Job, Tease and Denial, Ruined Orgasm. **


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